There are three research projects that I am currently working on:

1. GPs’ attitudes towards online patient feedback

The growth in the volume of online patient feedback suggests that patients are embracing the opportunity to review their experience of receiving health care online. However, there are varying opinions amongst healthcare professionals as to whether patients sharing feedback online will improve the standard of patient care, and not all healthcare professionals are comfortable with the public nature of the feedback. This PhD study explored General Practitioners’ attitudes towards online feedback in the UK by using a mixed methods approach.

Some of the findings from this study have been published at the Journal of Medical Internet ResearchGeneral Practitioners’ Concerns About Online Patient Feedback: Findings From a Descriptive Exploratory Qualitative Study in England

2. Use of text messaging to collect real-time feedback from healthcare users about the healthcare environment (in collaboration with a large NHS trust in London)

We proposed the use of text messaging as a real-time technological method to collect feedback from healthcare users about the healthcare environment. Healthcare users (whether that is patients, carers, visitors or staff) were offered the option to use a free text messaging service to give feedback about the cleanliness of the environment and food that is provided within the hospital. Further details are here.

3. Why and for what purposes do PhD students use Twitter and how can it benefit them?

(Details coming soon)

Further information about each will be placed in due course.