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List of User Research Stickers & Posters

Some of our digital colleagues, especially at GDS, love laptop stickers and as a newbie to Government, I was intrigued and look forward to decorating my laptop. Therefore, I spent some evenings searching for user research (UR) stickers on Google images, #slack and Twitter, and the ones I found with links to their original open source files are listed below. I also decided to get a UR sticker designed as I wanted a sticker that highlights the importance of conducting user research to produce evidence-based design (and as an academic, I would like the UR realm to embrace more academic language and approaches). I’m looking forward to sharing these stickers with my team and others in our organisation who are interested in user research, and I hope will start some conversations about the importance of user research.

To add UR stickers/posters to this list, please get in touch (comment below/Twitter/email).

  1. My Sticker 🙂 – quite simply, user research when conducted properly results in evidence-based design, and that’s the ultimate aim for all services. Thanks to Rahah for generously designing it for me! Please feel free to use/share the sticker (PDF copy is here).


  1. Gov Design Tumbler – this links to GovDesign GitHub which contains the following three user research stickers as well as plenty of fantastic design and research related posters. Many of the user research related posters could be adapted into stickers. For example, ‘Civil servants are users too’ is one of my favorites and hopefully I will get that designed and printed soon.

User need sticker

not customers users sticker

users first sticker

  1. Eliot Hill’s GitHub – Eliot has very kindly shared a beautifully designed user research sticker:

user research sticker

  1. UK Home Office GitHub – There are some fantastic accessibility posters (in different languages!) on this GitHub, as well as general posters on design and access needs. Some of the posters again could be adapted into stickers. For example, this one:

access needs user needs

  1. User Research is a team sport (from here) could work perfectly as a sticker too:

user research team sport

Where do I get the stickers printed? There are many sticker printing companies online. I used vistaprint as they had a special offer. A few Gov colleagues on #slack recommended, and it gives you more flexibility in size and finish, and appears to perhaps produce a better quality sticker if you spare funds to hand?

Other postersNew design principle posters published on the Design in Government blog.

Do you have or know of any user research stickers/posters not listed here? Please share them by commenting here/#slack/Twitter (@DrSalmaPatel) and I’ll add them onto this list.

The images above are available under the Open Government Licence v3.0

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