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Mendeley Workshop

As a Mendeley Advisor, and an avid user and fan of Mendeley, I have experience of and I am very keen on running workshops on Mendeley across Higher education institutions in the UK. If you would like me to run a Mendeley workshop at your institution please get in touch with me.


Mendeley Workshop at the University of Warwick

2012-02-19 13:16:38 salma

As a Mendeley Advisor and an avid user and fan of Mendeley (my love story with Mendeley can be found here), I decided to spread the love of Mendeley across the campus! With the support of the library at the University of Warwick, I ran a workshop at the University of Warwick Library on Mendeley. The workshop tickets were all sold out, and from the feedback I have received so far it went down very well. The workshop ran for two hours with a 45 minute presentation from myself on Mendeley and a practical session thereafter for an hour ran by myself and AbdulRahman Hariri, a fellow Mendeley Advisor.

The presentation I used for the workshop is below:

Mendeley Workshop Presentation

And the handout for the practical session (which is a very useful guide to Mendeley) can be found below:

Workshop Handout: Managing Your References and PDFs With Mendeley


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