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Building a new user research team & function at Ofsted

This short update was first published on LinkedIn. I’m hoping to write a post soon on what I learnt from building a user research function at Ofsted.

It has been an honour to build a brand new user research (UR) function at Ofsted for the last 18 months. I started Ofsted as the first user researcher, and since then so much work has happened & there is plenty to celebrate. 

I’m particularly proud of establishing the following during my time at Ofsted:

  • A user research team
  • A user research repository (templates, processes, guides, best practice etc for user researchers) 
  • A user research library (blogpost coming soon)
  • Complete user research kit (e.g. various software & physical tools like roll up banners etc)
  • ‘What is user research?’ sessions for colleagues outside of digital
  • User research surveys
  • User research community of interest
  • Cross-gov collaborations e.g. bringing the first cross-gov design events to Manchester

As well as the above, I did day-to-day user research on various services during this period, including 2 discoveries; 12 services in alpha; 2 in private beta & 1 public beta. I also oversaw UR of other services too.

Thank you to all my colleagues at Ofsted who helped make this happen.

What’s next for me? I’m taking some time out to think about my next steps & work on side projects. I’m also enjoying trying new dishes, planting my first ever seeds in the garden & spending quality time with my daughter.

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Work I will miss

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