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Free Ticket to The Guardian Activate summit (London 2012)

Source: The Guardian Website

I’m giving away a free ticket to The Guardian Activate Summit taking place in London next week (Wed the 26th of June). Please leave a comment below explaining briefly why you should get the ticket, and you may be the lucky winner.

The Activate Summits focus on changing the world through technology. The London 2012 summit will focus on:

• The challenge of agility in business
• Open access: promoting open journalism, open source, open data
• Overcoming the difficulty of storytelling through data
• Promoting sustainable investment in technology startups
• Preserving the founding principles of the web: the battle between an open and proprietorial internet

In addition to these themes, Activate London will showcase the best and most innovative uses of technology to transform areas such as health, education, science, government and global development. Further information here.

You can read about the recent Activate Summit 2012 in New York here.

If you would like a free ticket to the Activate Summit please leave a comment below explaining briefly why you should get the ticket, and you may be the lucky winner! All entries must be received by the end of today (Thursday the 21st of June).

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  1. @johnrpearson @johnrpearson

    I am an early career academic (PhD student) researching the impact of natural resource exploitation on human rights and specifically the governance of new technologies which both harm and protect the rights of individuals in such instances. A major area of interest to me is the role of social networks, and affordable technologies in this regard. I would like to attend the Activate Summit to both see some of the proposed influences of technology in my fields of research but also to pose questions to exhibitors and other attendees as to their views on how technology might improve the enforcement and protection of human rights.

  2. Rowena McKenna Rowena McKenna

    I am a current Masters student studying Health Care Ethics and Medical Law. I am looking to do a PhD in this field, in particular with relation to technology within health care. I would like to attend the Activate Summit to see the new technologies that could influence health care and to see what developers, exhibitors and attendees believe the impact on both health care and the law could be. Knowing how long it takes for the law to react to new technologies, this would be an ideal opportunity to see how it might unfurl.

  3. Salma Patel Salma Patel

    Thank you both for the submissions, and for those that submitted through Twitter. It was extremely difficult to choose, but John was finally selected. I hope he enjoyed the conference and benefited from it.

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